Dark re-telling of Snow White

Tear You Apart - Sarah Cross

3.5 stars

This was the first fairy tale re-telling I've ever read. This book exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the modern twist on Snow White and how other fairy tales were woven into the story. At times I found the writing a bit comical. This story has really peaked my interest in the Grimm fairy tales.

I found myself a bit annoyed with Viv at times. Her actions pissed me off a lot. I found her rather self-centered and spoiled. I feel as if she took Henley for granted and then expected him to be there for her. I don't think she treated him right, she doesn't deserve someone like him. Although he does have some anger issues of his own.

I also think that too many characters were introduced too fast. I had a hard time remembering who was who. I think that some of them were unnecessary and it would have made the story less confusing if there were less characters.

Overall I'm really glad that I read this, I enjoyed reading a modern re-telling of a fairy tale that was a little dark.