Piles of ARC's are weighing me down.

I have a reading addiction, this is clear. It appears that I have also developed a new addiction, collecting advanced review copies. I found that different Goodreads groups had read for review programs, and that's where I got started. I gave a 5 star review to a book that I adored, and then the author contacted me asking if I would like to write reviews for RomanceJunkies.com. I was thrilled at the opportunity, of course I said yes. I have a lot of hard copies from them, I get to pick books off of a list every month and they send them to my house. It's awesome.


I discovered Netgalley and Edelweiss, and I can't stop requesting books. If I think I might like it I am rushing to click "request". My feedback ratio isn't the best, and you would think that maybe they would stop approving me, but they don't. Then I discovered contests, all of these chances to win books on Facebook, on Goodreads, on different blogs, and guess what? I keep winning! Oh, and we can't forget LibraryThing's giveaways, both the Early Reviewer's and the Member giveaways, yeah, I win those all the time too.


My point is that now I have a huge pile of books to read! I have so many books that whenever I go to pick one out it takes me about a half hour. Because, you know, you can't just read a book based on the blurb, you have to check out it's rating on Goodreads first.


So I've banned myself from entering anymore contests, or checking out the new selection on Netgalley. Because let's be honest, you are never there to "just take a look". I hope to get my giant pile of ARC's down, because there are a few books that I would like to read that have been published a while ago. Well, it's more than a few, but let's not argue semantics.