Captivating and action packed

The Ophelia Prophecy - Sharon Lynn Fisher

This book is definitely original. There are things out there about mutants, but insect-human hybrids? I think that the world building in this book was done rather well. There was a good amount of science mixed in so it felt realistic. The action in this book never lets up. I thought at the beginning, 'Can they really keep this amount of intensity and action up?' Well the answer is yes.

I'm pretty satisfied that there isn't insta-love in this book, because I really can't stand that and I thought that was how this book was going to go. There is such a sense of star crossed lovers in this book, but it's not overly dramatic in that aspect.

One thing that kind of bothers me is the third person POV. The book is constantly jumping from how she feels to how he feels, it's annoying and I often found myself confused. I also found these characters kind of two dimensional and flat. I wasn't really satisfied with the character development.

There were a lot of unexpected surprises in this book, which I always love. As much as there are some things that annoyed me in this book I kept telling myself "only one more chapter and then you will do ____." But every time I finished that chapter I found myself saying "just one more". I had no idea what to expect with this book, overall I think it was a captivating read.