So bad that it was comical

Brave - Zoe  Dawson

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley to read and review.

This book was so cliche it's comical, honestly I kept reading because it was funny how bad this book was. You know that facebook friend of yours that is in a new relationship every month and the day they start dating she's like "LUV MY BOO!" yeah, that is this book. The characters fell in what I like to refer to as insta-love. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, you are not in love with them that fast, you do not "know their soul" shut up before I barf.

My other pet peeve showed up in this book as well, physically flawless characters. Like just give your character a flaw in their appearance. Nope, he's a perfect ten and so is she. From the descriptions they sound like models. Not everyone is perfect and I don't want to read about the perfectly beautiful characters. Except Gia the supermodel/drug addict who got HIV, I'd read about her.

The whole thing was super melodramatic. Every single thing is over the top. I didn't want to watch a soap opera, actually I've seen soap operas that are less dramatic than this. I can't tell you how many times that I read the word demons, like we get it, you have a tragic past. Can we move on ever? Or do you want to talk about your demons for another five pages?

The main character Alissa is very helpless and super bossy. I'm pretty sure I've sprained an ankle before and didn't need to be carried everywhere. She plays such a damsel in distress and Dakota is her knight in shining armor. But did I mention that he has demons? Because he does, he really has a tragic past. And oh in case you didn't hear the first forty times I told you, both the main characters are freaking gorgeous. Really, they're so beautiful, and tragic, they're tragic too. BARF

Another thing, their thoughts and actions don't match their words at all. They both act so damaged by their tragic pasts and super guarded about everything, and then as soon as one of them asks the other a question they spill their guts. Like you're either guarded or your an open book you can't be both, pick one.

I thought maybe I'd like the ending of this book at least, they seemed to be moving forward. But don't worry they'll tell you a few more times that he's dealing with his freaking demons. The ending is way too "happily ever after" for me. I just wanted to vomit. Great go live happily ever after and I don't ever want to hear about these characters ever again.