Easy dystopian read

Deviation (The Sophisticates) - Christine Manzari

I received this book in exchange for an honest review

A thrilling dystopian tale with a touch of science. Deviation is set in the future after terrorists have brutally attacked our country. The United States responds by creating the Sophisticates, an elite group who are bred to be genetically superior. When Cleo accidentally blows up her room when she gets too upset, she gets sent to an academy which is basically for soldiers. Once she arrives she quickly realizes that she is not the only one who is different.

Christine Manzari filled this book with some excellent world building and there was great background information that answered most of my questions. The whole possibility of this world felt very real, I think this book is a lot more plausible than The Hunger Games or Divergent. There was some scientific background and obviously some research was done in order to create the characters who were genetically altered.

This book had the potential to go somewhere as great as The Hunger Games or Divergent, yet the author didn't go as far with it as she could of. I loved the idea and the characters, yet I don't find myself blown away. I wanted a bigger climax and was a little disappointed. The world that Christine Manzari created was so fantastic that I have to hope that she writes a sequel. I really liked this book, yet I was not blown away.