Taking The Reins (The Rosewoods) - Katrina Abbott

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I started reading this book expecting some stuck up girl drama and I am happy to say that this book was not filled with that, even though that might be out of character for girls at such an elite school. It was filled with some really sweet, down to earth characters that I enjoyed reading about. I think the character development was done rather well, and there were several different personalities throughout this book. It was a quick enjoyable read.

As far as my complaints about the book, I have a few. The main character Brooklyn says in the beginning that she is plain, yet all of the boys act like they are attracted to her, I think this was unrealistic since they hardly knew her. I also felt like I was waiting the entire book for something to happen, and absolutely nothing did. There was no climax, there was no kissing, no fighting. Just the idea that a kiss MIGHT happen, or that a fight MIGHT happen. It had good writing, good characters, a good setting, and a lot of potential for a great plot. I really did enjoy reading it, but I am sorely disappointed in the storyline and I won't be reading the next book in the series.