Beasthood (The Hidden Blood Series, #1) - A.Z. Green

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Beasthood is a book that grabs you from the very start, and doesn't let go. I read the prologue, and I was hooked, because I could tell that I would love this story. Beasthood had some very interesting world building, I felt that the whole storyline was rather original. I was especially pleased with the description of the appearance of the Weres. I think that in the beginning of the book too many characters were introduced too fast, and I was a little confused. Although that didn't last long because all of my confusion was cleared up pretty quickly.

I loved the main character Jaz, she is a strong individual, which is something I value both in real life and in books. The mistrust Jaz has for her pack is spot on with the way she was treated in the beginning, I'm really glad that she didn't just fall right into step with the rest of the pack. A.Z. Green does a great job portraying the animal side of Jaz warring with her human side. The character's reactions were rather accurate for their personalities. There were definitely parts of this book where I gasped out loud, and parts where the suspense was so much that I was up much later than intended. The ending of this book left me with so many questions, I hope the next book in the series comes out soon!