Unoriginal title but good book

Summoner - S.D. Grimm

I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book from Entangled Teen Publishing and Netgalley. 

Let me start off by saying that I nearly passed this one up because of the title. I have read far too many books with some variation of the same title, and honestly, they are all pretty similar. The main character is able to summon or communicate with the dead and then there are a few variations from one book to another. This story won’t get points from me for being original, but I did happen to enjoy it a lot, so whatever.

I found that I basically tore through this novel in one sitting. There were times where I could set it down, but then the pacing would pick right back up. For a novel of this type, I feel that fast pacing is pretty important. It kind of falls under paranormal thriller, with a romance in there. Honestly though, it really isn’t too often that I read a book without a touch of romance.

The thing I found myself enjoying the most out of this novel, was in fact, the romance. I love when grief and the shared understanding of loss brings two people together. There were some very raw moments in this book where I found myself close to tears. But in my opinion Cody held his walls up just a bit too long.

I enjoyed the writing quite a lot actually. This book had many redeeming qualities even though I found the overall premise very unoriginal. Which is why the rating is a four out of five stars. The romance was really cute and idealistic. I really loved all the dates they went on and the heartfelt gifts that they bought one another.

I would read something else by S.D. Grimm, but I’m glad that there wasn’t an attempt to try and turn this one into a series. It is a good book, but I will continue on my search for the next great fantasy novel.

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