World building needed some work

Colorless - Rita Stradling

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Pikko's House to read and review.

I was drawn to Colorless because of it's gorgeous cover. I had relatively high expectations for this book and I found it to be quite interesting. I was reminded of the Greek gods with the world presented in Colorless. But I honestly feel as if the gods and magicians were not explained thoroughly enough. The world concept was good, but I feel like it was not entirely fleshed out well enough. I found myself a little confused at times, feeling as though an explanation was missing.

As for the idea of the iconoclasts, I didn't feel the same way. I feel as if this aspect of the book was done very well. I loved the description of the transformation as Annabelle lost her color. The description was so vivid and I thought that the idea was so cool and executed well. I loved that not only could other people not see her, but they that she, or anything that she had touched ever existed.

Colorless made for a rather interesting fantasy novel. It contained mostly original concepts, which is refreshing. I feel as if the market is overflowing with vampires and werewolves. I have read many books that feel as if they could be the same novel. But this felt new and fresh. 

The characters were likable. I loved how stubborn Annabelle could be. I never found her overly haughty or annoying, as I often do with characters of nobility. The brothers were all enjoyable as well. I liked the banter back and forth that you only get within families. Another thing I loved about Annabelle was her loyalty to her cousin. She didn't allow anyone else to speak unkindly about him. It was clear that she valued family, which is a quality that I respect.

Overall, I think that it made for a good read. The world building could use a little work, but besides that it was an interesting, original and captivating tale. I would recommend to readers of fantasy and YA.