Death Date - Victoria Laurie

I'm pretty impressed with this book as a whole. Maddie is a girl with an ability to see death dates, but the paranormal aspect of the book ends there. Victoria Laurie made the perfect recipe with this book. She used a pinch of supernatural ability, threw it into a realistic world and then stirred in a mystery. Her book came out as a captivating page turner with an unexpected ending.

Let me talk about that for a second. I read in a couple reviews that the ending wasn't expected. So I spent the entire book trying to guess the murderer. I accused everyone in my head! But I humbly say that I could not solve the mystery until maybe 10 pages before it was revealed. I'm pretty disappointed in my skills as a super-sleuth, but very impressed with Victoria Laurie.

The only reason that this is getting four stars instead of five is because there were a few points in the story where it lagged a little. For most of the story I didn't want to put the book down, but there were times where I wanted it to move a little faster.