Love it!

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead

My favorite part about this book is Sydney's romance with Brayden. It really shows you that love is not about being with the person who seems like they may be perfect for you. Love is an entirely different beast, who might just be attacking Sydney in a way that she is very resistant to. Honestly I feel like I relate to Sydney a lot more than I did to Rose. Rose makes a great female main character, yes, she is strong, bad ass and questions authority. She's awesome, but Sydney is a lot more real. Maybe it's because she's human? So I guess that might make sense, but it adds this whole other level of depth to the stories. Sydney is constantly challenged with doing what is right and what she has been taught to believe is right.

So many emotions. And if anyone knows my feelings I've been a sucker for Adrian from the start.