Could not be happier

Bloodlines - Richelle Mead

When I read the Vampire Academy series I read all 6 books in 2 days. I knew about this series, but I wanted to save them for myself. Also, I didn't think I'd really enjoy reading the books from Sydney's POV as much as Rose's. Honestly, I think I like them more. If I'd have known Adrian was in the books I wouldn't have been able to hold off reading them as long as I did. Adrian is practically my favorite character in all of the books. I MISSED YOU ADRIAN!

I always found Sydney super uptight, and she still is, but I grew to love her a whole lot more. I really love that for once there are a lot of humans in the books. For all of the VA series the only human that is involved with vampires is Sydney. It certainly gives these books a very different feel and I love them.

The only series that all of the books were incredible in was Harry Potter, and now this series and Vampire Academy. That is like, the highest of high compliments. I'm in love. No one can get me to do anything social because I can't put down these books