Not just the book I wanted to read, the book I NEEDED to read.

Death of a Rock Star - N.J. Frost

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Death of a Rock Star is a book filled with loss, addiction, guilt and lust. It gives you an addicts point of view on dealing with death. A very raw book filled with some really heavy emotions. There is some really good character development, and it is a very realistic portrayal of an addict. The conflicting emotions that Blake has about using is what you would expect from someone suffering so much pain. Everyone grieves differently and I am glad that this book showed the different reactions people have after suffering a loss.

This book hits me on a much more personal level as I recently lost my boyfriend, and several of my friends to addiction. This wasn't just a book I wanted to read, this was the book that I needed. That being said I think that reading this was rather therapeutic for me, reading about how others deal with these kinds of losses. I really relate to the characters in this book. I did have to put it down a few times because I was overwhelmed with the emotions of my own losses.

I wanted to list some of my favorite quotes from this book:

"She's that kind of beautiful. The kind of beautiful you'd die for."

"... recognize that no one is invincible, that drugs can destroy anyone, at any time."

"And now you're gone and I can't believe
There's a reason to breathe
Or carry on"

"The pain and sadness there are tempered by a vacant look I know all too well."